About Mind Care Enterprise

Mind Care Enterprise is a leading chain of Pakistan retail pharmacy. It manages and operates a nationwide network in 50+ cities and villages across the Pakistan, which makes it one of the most prevalent and the fastest growing companies in the region. Our mission is to provide high quality pharmacy products and services to our customers on time and at a competitive price.

Mind Care online system and our family is saving your time and provide best health facilities. There are a numbers of world level medical facilities that we provide to our patients, certified specialized doctors, hospital, pharmacy distributors and pharmaceutical companies. You can also order medicines and lab tests along with free home delivery and blood sampling. Avail our new services during pandemic while staying at your place. For professional consultancy, our users can ask health-related queries from our communication channel.

As per our company’s firm belief in being a “community pharmacy”, Mind Care Enterprise doesn’t solely serve the community by its products, but it also educates the society through various health awareness programs and prevention campaigns. The company uses its extensive local knowledge and network to invest in the development of the Pakistani community.

Why choose Mind Care Enterprise?

Regulated , Secure & Trusted
We are registered with the Pharmaceutical Society. Secure payment processing including 3D Secure payment processing. Your order is delivered via our designated courier provider with full track & trace and proof of delivery.

Care & Expertise
We have an experienced team and comprehensive product & service offering to support all of your pharmacy needs.Your order is reviewed by our Pharmacist team to ensure you receive the correct combination of pharmacy only products to satisfy your medicinal needs. Our goal is to provide the same customer experience online as our customers receive in store. Customer care is central to everything we do as very simply we do not exist without your business.

Our procurement team continuously work with our suppliers to optimise pricing for our customers. We offer monthly and seasonal promotional pricing and special offers on many of our most popular products.

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